UPDATE STATUS (July 2022): The financial indices given below are calculated from figures collated after FY2023 Q2 with the final settlement of accounts being confirmed.

Net Sales

million yen

million yen
Net Sales2018.032019.032020.032021.032022.03
2nd Quarter19,08921,00322,82622,01923,876
Fiscal Year44,12048,34449,19748,42451,736

Operating Income

million yen

million yen
Operating Income2018.032019.032020.032021.032022.03
2nd Quarter3153489441,4872,134
Fiscal Year2,3782,7513,7004,4045,496

Ordinary Income

million yen

million yen
Ordinary Income2018.032019.032020.032021.032022.03
2nd Quarter3614017711,5112,234
Fiscal Year2,3322,6833,4324,5645,604

Net Income

million yen

million yen
Net Income2018.032019.032020.032021.032022.03
2nd Quarter1743051821,1461,363
Fiscal Year1,8271,9001,5763,3393,573

The statements provided on this website in relation to the Company's current plans, strategies and decisions include forecast business results. These forecasts are predictions based on currently available information and assumptions of the future. Therefore, they inherently contain uncertainties which may result in material differences between forecasted results and the actual results. Consequently, the reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on the provided forecast statements.