Message from the President

Utilizing advanced weighing and measurement technology will help to build a prosperous and sustainable society.

We are witnessing dramatic changes within the business environments that the A&D HOLON Holdings’ group of companies are directly involved. Demand for our semiconductor-related business, due to the digital transformation of society, is drastically increasing. Our measuring and weighing businesses are seeing significant investments into new carbon-neutral technologies and electric vehicle development. For our medical and healthcare equipment business, the infrastructure for telemedicine and remote health management tools are being developed at a rapid pace. All of these changes require services, products and solutions that our group can provide.

To align with these large societal shifts, we launched a new management structure in April of FY2022 and formulated a medium-term management plan for FY2022-FY2024. Our plan outlines the strategic actions we will take to assist in the creation of a "connected, healthy and carbon-neutral society." It is our aim to assemble our group of companies so that they are adaptive to rapid changes in the business environment and can effectively leverage synergistic effects across the entire group.

A&D HOLON Holdings will continue to strive towards realizing our mission of helping to build a prosperous and sustainable society using our weighing and measurement technologies.

We appreciate your continued support.

Yasunobu Morishima
Representative Director and President
A&D HOLON Holdings