May 1977A&D Co., Ltd. (paid-in capital 42.04 million yen) was founded to manufacture and distribute electronic measuring instruments. A head office was established in Nerima-ku, Tokyo and a factory in Kitamoto City, Saitama.
May 1979Relocation of head office to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
May 1981Relocation of factory to Konosu City, Saitama (current Konosu factory)
Jun 1982Acquired Kensei Industry Co., Ltd. stocks which then became an A&D subsidiary (currently A&D Manufacturing) and entered the electronic balance business.
Aug 1982Founded A&D Engineering, Inc. (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary), which became the sales office for North, Central and South America.
Jun 1985Founded Litra Co., Ltd. (currently A&D Manufacturing), a factory specializing in load cell and electronic balance manufacturing.
Jan 1987Entered into contract with Takeda Medical Inc. for sole representation and began distribution of digital blood pressure monitors.
Dec 1987Acquired Mercury Weighing And Control Systems Pty. Ltd. stocks (current A&D Australasia Pty. Ltd., A&D's consolidated subsidiary) and established it as the A&D subsidiary sales office in Oceania.
May 1989Merged with Takeda Medical Inc.
Aug 1989Established the Technical Center in Kitamoto City, Saitama and transferred all research and development functions from the Konosu factory.
Apr 1990Founded A&D System Co., Ltd. to enhance the development of medical instruments.
Sep 1990Relocation of head office to Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Dec 1990Founded A&D Korea Limited (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary)
May 1991Founded A&D Instruments Ltd. (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary), which became the sales office in Europe
May 1993Entered into partnership with Orientec Co., Ltd. (currently A&D Manufacturing) and acquired sales representation for testing machines and load cells
Jun 1994Founded A&D Scientech Taiwan Limited (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary) in Taiwan
Oct 1995Obtained ISO9001 certification
Jan 1996A&D Korea Limited (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary) acquired Hana Instruments Co., Ltd. stocks (currently A&D Scales Co., Ltd., A&D's consolidated subsidiary)
Sep 1996Acquired Orientec Co., Ltd. stocks (currently A&D Manufacturing)
Oct 2002Founded A&D Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a factory that specializes in the manufacturing of healthcare products
Apr 2003Went public on the JASDAQ market
Aug 2003Acquired Litra Co., Ltd. (currently A&D Manufacturing) as a wholly owned subsidiary
Jan 2005Merged with A&D System Co., Ltd.
Feb 2005Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Apr 2005Founded A&D Technology Inc. (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary)
Jun 2005Acquired Kensei Industry stocks to make it a wholly owned A&D subsidiary
Aug 2005Took over the Powertrain technology department of MTS Systems Corporation through A&D Technology Inc
Mar 2006Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jul 2006Founded A&D RUS CO., LTD. (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary), which will focus on the sales of both A&D medical and A&D weighing products in Russia
Oct 2007Founded A&D Technology Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (A&D's consolidated subsidiary)
Feb 2008Founded A&D Instruments India Private limited (A&D's consolidated subsidiary)
Mar 2008Acquired Horon Co., Ltd. stocks (currently A&D's consolidated subsidiary)
Aug 2008Founded A&D Europe GmbH in Germany
Oct 2008Acquired SUM Electro Mechanics Co., Ltd. stocks to make it a wholly owned A&D subsidiary
Jan 2009Acquired Best Instruments Co., Ltd. stocks to make it a wholly owned A&D subsidiary
Jun 2013Founded CM Seiki Co., Ltd. in Hidaka City, Saitama and entered the checkweigher and metal detector businesses
Jul 2013Founded MBS Co., Ltd. in Kitamoto City, Saitama and began consulting on automotive design and development and offering contract testing/measurement services to the automotive industry
Feb 2015Established A&D Vietnam Limited in Vietnam
Jul 2015Acquired measurement business (formerly NEC San-ei) from Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. and began sales of industrial measurement equipment
Dec 2015Established A&D Instruments Canada Inc. in Canada
Jun 2018Acquired HOLON Co., Ltd. stocks to make it a wholly owned A&D subsidiary
Sep 2018Established A&D Company, Limited Thailand Representative Office in Thailand
Jan 2020Acquired A&D Scientech Taiwan Limited stocks to make it a wholly owned A&D subsidiary
Apr 2022A&D Company, Limited and HOLON Co., Ltd. conducted a management integration and transitioned to a holding company structure thereby forming A&D HOLON Holdings Company, Limited.
Jan 2023A&D’s three consolidated subsidiaries (Kensei Industry Co., Ltd., Litra Co., Ltd., and Orientec Co., Ltd.) were merged to form A&D Manufacturing Co, Ltd.