Making a Healthier World

Existing medical systems are increasingly under intensive pressure to support an aging population that suffers from regional inequalities in access to healthcare and with infectious diseases spreading globally.

Our medical and healthcare business offers high-quality equipment that supports the health and lifestyles of people around the world.

We also offer solutions that enable medical digital transformation systems that promote telemedicine.

Our goal is to provide products and solutions that improve people’s health and further scientific and clinical expertise in medical knowledge.

Our strengths in the medical and health equipment business

Global share: 10%*

We offer healthcare products and services through our global sales network with heavy focus on the U.S. and European markets.

*Blood pressure monitors for household use (internal research)

Healthcare Specialist

We strive to improve our expertise in medical measurement technologies that enable our customers to offer next-generation medical care.

Cutting-Edge Systems

We create optimum systems that facilitate telemedicine by creating solutions using our advanced connected products.

  • 株式会社エー・アンド・デイ

A&D Company, Limited operates in the medical and health equipment business.

Healthcare Equipment

Our health equipment and solutions for personal use include blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and weight scales.

Real-time heath data for blood pressure and weight, body composition and temperature can be continuously recorded and managed by connecting our devices to cloud-based applications.

We offer a wide range of Bluetooth, NFC and cellular-connected devices for use in advanced telemedicine solutions. These products help to achieve healthy, long lives for societies around the world.

Professional Medical Equipment

Our professional medical devices and solutions provide highly accurate data for use in hospitals and research environments. We manufacture a wide range of products that interpret the body’s analog signals for blood pressure, weight, temperature, spO2 etc. into digital signals that allow for healthcare analysis and improving treatment. Additionally, due to our strong foundation in developing weighing technologies, we create unique products that can measure a person’s weight while they are sitting in a wheelchair or laying in a hospital bed.

We will continue to provide advanced products and services the support healthcare and improve the quality of patients’ lives.