Making a More Precise World

Precisely visualizing efficiency and power consumption is the first step towards understanding how to ultimately achieve a sustainable and carbon neutral society.

Our measurement and weighing instrumentation business, based on the technology of analog to digital signal conversion, offers an increasingly diverse set of products and solutions that support various sectors, such as automobiles, aerospace and battery storage.

We strive to innovate in the field of measurement and pursue technological developments that align with the needs of the future.

Our strengths in the measuring and weighing instrument business

High Accuracy

We contribute to the development of cutting-edge EVs, motors and batteries with our highly accurate measurement and control solutions.

Adapting to Change

Providing solutions that solve new challenges for clean energy, battery development and testing tools.

Mass Production

Helping advance research, testing and industry by making precise measuring devices with high quality, more affordable.

  • 株式会社エー・アンド・デイ

A&D Company, Limited operates in the measuring and weighing instruments business.


We provide highly accurate products and solutions for research/test facilities around the world that measure physical quantities such as sound, vibration, displacement and strength.

Our solutions help reduce product development time and cost through use of our proprietary technology that integrates measurment, control and simulation for automotive and aerospace industries.

We are also active in supporting new industries that aim to achieve carbon neutrality.


Our wide-range of products meet a variety of needs by developing equipment which measures mass (weight) and through a wide product line-up including electronic balances, platform scales and load cells.

Our equipment is not only used in research and testing facilities around the world, but it is also used to promote energy efficiency through its integration in automated production lines.