Using measuring and weighing technology
to help build a more prosperous society.

In today’s world, shifts are occurring within society at a rapid pace across the globe.
We are tackling the challenge of solving critical problems across multiple industries by utilizing our cutting-edge and diverse collection of measurement technologies.
Through our efforts, we are contributing to the creation of a more prosperous society for present and future generations.


Striving to advance towards
a more connected society

by making
a more convenient world

Societal challenge
Exponential demand for semiconductors, large data centers and new technologies such as 5G, IoT and AI.
Our business activities
We offer advanced manufacturing solutions and equipment designed for the precise measurement of semiconductor photomask patterns, catering to the evolving needs of semiconductor miniaturization.


Doing our part to help
to support a healthier society

by making
the world a healthier place

Societal challenge
An aging society experiencing slowing population growth combined with greater concerns surrounding health disparities and infectious diseases.
Our business activities
We supply medical products and solutions that meet the digital transformation and telemedicine needs of the future.


Supporting the transition
to a carbon neutral future

by making
a more precise world

Societal challenge
A clear shift to achieving carbon neutrality across various industries.
Our business activities
We supply measurement technologies and products that are necessary to help industry and governments achieve carbon neutrality.


Striving to create value through development
of cutting-edge measuring and weighing technology

Our business

A&D HOLON Holdings is a group of companies whose core business is founded in developing measuring and weighing technologies. Our group supplies various products and solutions to help industry evolve and let people live healthy lives.

Throughout our history and through various mergers and acquisitions, we are expanding our business globally.

Our businesses leverage the sharing of technologies and knowledge we have cultivated over many years across the entire group to strengthen our solutions and discover new applications for our products and services.

Our goal is to create value for our customers and support their work around the world.

AD / DA conversion technology

Core business

Established: 1977
Converting analog information
in the natural world to digital data


Global expansion

Percentage of overseas sales < 50%
Overseas locations : 15
Group companies : 25


Company history

Measuring and weighing instruments business
Medical and health equipment business
Semiconductor-related business