Consolidated Balance Sheet

million yen

Current assets36,26940,02843,946
Cash and deposits9,75613,11811,882
Bills and accounts receivable13,71913,108-
Notes and accounts receivable - trade, and contract assets--14,114
Allowance for doubtful accounts△81△100△73
Fixed assets13,03314,09115,292
Tangible fixed assets9,37410,18511,382
Intangible fixed assets1,8691,6381,476
Investments etc.1,7892,2672,433
Total assets49,30254,11959,239
Current liabilities23,86924,58826,202
Fixed liabilities6,8576,1435,995
Total liabilities30,72630,73132,198
Net assets
Shareholders' equity20,36123,25226,125
Capital stock6,3886,3886,388
Capital surplus6,4426,4136,413
Retained earnings8,58611,50614,367
Treasury stock, at cost△1,056△1,056△1,044
Other accumulated
comprehensive income
Share acquisition rights10--
Non-controlling shareholders' equity1,3622,6142,885
Total net assets18,57623,38727,041
Total liabilities and assets49,30254,11959,239

Consolidated Statements of Income

million yen

Net Sales49,19748,42451,736
Cost of sales27,41126,78728,853
Gross profit21,78621,63622,883
Selling, general and administrative expenses18,08517,23217,386
Operating Income3,7004,4045,496
Non-operating income224447358
Non-operating expenses493287250
Ordinary Income3,4324,5645,604
Extraordinary income15211
Extraordinary loss242983
Profit before taxes3,4234,5365,532
Corporate, inhabitant and business taxes9301,3381,475
Corporate tax adjustments△417△38681
Profit attributable to non-controlling shareholders' equity499245401
Profit attributable to parent company shareholders1,5763,3393,573

Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows

million yen

Cash flow from general business operations4,3095,1941,782
Cash flow from investments△1,100△2,222△2,395
Cash flow from financing operations△1,308△257△741
Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents△321308237

The statements provided on this website in relation to the Company's current plans, strategies and decisions include forecast business results. These forecasts are predictions based on currently available information and assumptions of the future. Therefore, they inherently contain uncertainties which may result in material differences between forecasted results and the actual results. Consequently, the reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on the provided forecast statements.